Hello! Nice to meet ya. My name's Elaina.

I'm the creator, writer, foodie, and photographer behind The Rising Spoon.

This little corner of the internet is where I create real food recipes, share cooking tips and tutorials, post about DIY projects, and write natural living articles related to subjects like food, overall wellness, and self-sufficiency in the kitchen and home.

I created this blog in 2012 as a way to chronicle my forays into all things food and provide a resource for folks (like me) who were also on a self-taught cooking journey. 

It has since then expanded to other topics I'm passionate about like DIY personal care recipes, natural living, self-care, homemade gifts, saving money, and self-sufficiency. I mostly post recipes with an emphasis on seasonal foods but include these other topics when I'm inspired to write about them. 

What Inspired Me to Start Cooking (And This Blog)

A lifelong food lover, I've always taken pleasure in watching others cook. Before I knew the basics, it seemed like alchemy with an extremely personal touch (and it still is, just not so mystical). I asked loads of questions when I was young, but only a small number of techniques and tips stuck. 

Eventually, I grew tired of eating boring, unhealthy, and expensive take-out food (and relying on other people to cook for me), so I took the initiative to teach myself how to cook. I started out with simple recipes like soup, homemade chicken stock, and pasta then went from there. 

That was about 13 years ago, give or take. 

Back then I watched copious amounts of Food Network and gobbled up cooking magazines like Everyday Food. Ever so slowly, I accumulated cooking knowledge and began honing my own personal techniques.

Along the way, I developed an interest in eating quality, whole foods. My cooking (and food philosophy) generally reflects that. I try to avoid overly processed foods, but do eat them from time to time, as I try not to stress out about eating perfectly. (I have a weakness to kettle chips and a certain name-brand cheese cracker.) 

My food lifestyle has changed dramatically in the past decade. I went from eating fat-free or low-fat everything and restricting calories (which lead to a horrible cycle of binge eating junk food) to eating full-fat everything and focusing on cutting out super processed foods. As a result, my appetite balanced out and I lost weight. For the first time in years the food I was eating left me feeling full and nourished. 

This, my friends, is one of the many reasons I believe in home-cooked meals using real food ingredients. They don't have to be expensive or hoity-toity. Just less processed. A focus on simple, pronounceable foods. 

In my cooking journey and personal quest for better health, I've realized a few things:

  • food labels are misleading (take, for example, egg carton labels)  
  • the food industry cuts corners at every opportunity to make a profit
  • if you want to know what's in your food, you must educate yourself
  • learning to cook and stocking your fridge & freezer with homemade staples takes time, but is worth it
  • diet dogmas aren't healthy
  • fat is not the enemy (fat = flavor & nourishment)
  • food tastes better when it's in season
  • organic is not always best (local is often the better option)
  • when you're learning to cook (especially from scratch) take baby steps
  • the key to having nourishing, home-cooked meals readily available is meal planning
  • there is no one right food philosophy (so we shouldn't fight about it)
  • health is a journey, not a destination
  • above all else, listen to your body (sometimes that means ignoring your preconceived notions)

What You'll Find on The Rising Spoon

I created this blog as a resource for folks like you to find simple recipes that contain wholesome ingredients that are easily recognizable. 

Real food recipes that have an emphasis on seasonal ingredients (like heirloom tomatoes), but are easy to swap out with what's in your freezer, fridge, or pantry at the moment (canned tomatoes, for example). But mostly, recipes that are easy to make, inexpensive, and leave your belly full and happy. 

I also love coming up with homemade versions of store-bought products so you can save money. This brings me a lot of joy!

I love to share simple DIY crafts that you can incorporate into your holiday gift-giving traditions, just as I have. DIY projects that will make you less reliant on store-bought products, reduce your toxic load, and save you money in the long run.

When I discover healthy living practices like drinking bulletproof coffee, dry brushing and using essential oils that have bettered my life, it warms my heart to share them with you all. 

After all, blogging is all about community. Creating an environment where we can share valuable information, swap stories, and learn from one another. 

P.S. Want to join me in my real food and healthy living journey? 

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Also, feel free to e-mail me at elainanewton [at] therisingspoon [dot] com if you have any questions or just want to chat. I love hearing from you all. (Comments are very much appreciated!)


  1. gosh we are not alike at all.... (sarcasm) :) miss you!

  2. You had me hooked when I noticed the cast iron used in your recipes.

  3. Elaina,
    The photograph of the ribs is so wonderful, I ran upstairs and looked into the freezer for any meat I could find. You are a terrific food photographer.
    Make everyone hungry, shoot more photos.

  4. Where did you find the clear bottle w/a stopper for your Mint Extract?

    1. Those are hermetically sealed bottles. You can find them at Target, Walmart, Crate & Barrel, and other places that sell kitchen storage stuff. Or online, of course! Look for them next to the mason jars in stores.

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  10. Hey there! Welcome to the blog. It's great to have you here. Elaina, thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. Looking forward to reading more of your comments and insights. Stay connected and keep the conversation going. Cheers!

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