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Friday, August 26, 2016

Tropical Fruit Smoothie {Packed with Vitamin C}

A healthy smoothie recipe with vitamin C-packed tropical fruits like mango and kiwi + protein and healthy fats to create a balanced, nourishing drink that's perfect for a light breakfast, snack, or even dessert.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie {Packed with Vitamin C}

When I shared my egg breakfast muffins recipe last week, I asked if y'all had any favorite on the go breakfasts and whether you relied on fixing fast meals in the morning OR foods you could prep ahead of time. The most popular answers for quick breakfasts were oatmeal, overnight oats, or smoothies. 

To be honest, those responses kinda surprised me! Why? Because...

  1. I don't usually eat smoothies for breakfast. More like an afternoon snack.
  2. I'm constantly blown away at all the creative, yummy meals other foodies (and my awesomesauce readers + followers) come up with and share on social media--especially Instagram. So, I sort of expected fancy-pants responses akin to full spread breakfasts lovingly made at the expense of an extra hour of sleep.

Turns out I was wrong. You guys are normal, non-superhero-in-the-kitchen folks just like me. (Phew.)

Tropical Fruit Smoothies = The Cure For Smoothie Boredom

So, if you're in the camp that drinks smoothies for breakfast (or any other meal), get excited because I'm sharing a super yummy new smoothie today! 

This one is loaded with easy to find and inexpensive tropical fruits like mango and kiwi + protein and healthy fats to keep it balanced. (Click over to my blackberry vanilla peanut butter protein smoothie post to learn why I think fats are super important in smoothies.)

When I first started drinking smoothies, I used to always throw in 1-2 frozen bananas, some berries, torn greens + nut butter and call it done, but that got boring reeeeeaaaaal quick. 

These days I like to switch up the fruits to keep it interesting without spending a bunch of money on pricey exotic or out-of-season fruits (like dragon fruit a.k.a. pitaya).

Why I Love Using Mango and Kiwi in Smoothies

Right now I'm obsessed with making fruit smoothies that are packed with naturally occurring vitamin C and don't require any added sugar or sweetener. These are excellent to drink when you need to support your immune system or just want to load up on vitamins & minerals. Plus, they just make you feel really good!

Hence the mango and kiwi in this recipe. Both of these fruits are: 
  • naturally sweet (mango is the sweeter of the two)
  • loaded with vitamin C + other nutritional goodies
  • available year-round (they have two growing seasons)
  • on The Clean Fifteen List (so no need to shell out extra money for organic)
  • affordable if you know where to look (check discount or international grocery stores first for the best deals)

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe Ingredients

Adding Collagen to Smoothies: One Helpful Tip

This past winter I switched from using protein powder in my smoothies to high-quality hydrolyzed collagen powder from 100% grass-fed cows. 

It's is a clean & tasteless source of protein (10 grams per tablespoon) for your body that also reaps the same benefits of gelatin (my grandma's "secret" to beautiful skin & nails). 

And unlike gelatin powder, you can use collagen powder in both cold and hot foods (it dissolves instantly). Because of this, I've been adding it daily to my bulletproof coffee, yogurt, and smoothies. 

However, I recently read a super informative post from my friend Megan of Eat Beautiful about why you should take vitamin C with collagen. She talks in depth about why vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen in the body.

So if you're supplementing with collagen powder (like me), it's important to make sure you're also consuming it with vitamin C! The easiest way to do this is to include a vitamin C-rich fruit (like mango & kiwi) or vegetable (red bell pepper & broccoli) in whatever meal you're adding the collagen. 

That makes this smoothie recipe pretty perfect, eh?

Speaking of which, I'm actually sharing today's tropical fruit smoothie recipe as a guest post over at my friend Jenn Baxter's blog, Live a F.a.s.t. Life. She'll be sharing some tips regarding minimalism in a guest post for me in the coming weeks, so I'm excited for you guys to hop over and check her out. :)

Click here to grab the smoothie recipe over at Live a F.a.s.t. Life!

Bonus: If you want to order my favorite collagen powder from Perfect Supplements, I have a coupon code just for my readers! Enter RISING10 at checkout for 10% off your total. :)

I'd like to hear from YOU!

What are your favorite ingredients to include in fruit smoothies? Do you have any good tips for sneaking extra vitamin C into your diet?

Tropical Fruit Smoothie {Packed with Vitamin C}

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