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Friday, April 11, 2014

40+ Dehydrator Recipes For Preserving Food, Saving Money & Eating Healthier

40+ Dehydrator Recipes For Preserving Food, Saving Money & Eating Healthier

One of my good friends, Lauryn, is leaving in less than two weeks for an EPIC adventure

I do not use that word lightly.

A Grand Adventure

She's going to hike her way up the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which is a 2,663-mile trail that runs along the western edge of the United States from the Mexican border up through California, Oregon, and Washington until it reaches Canada.

Map of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

Back in spring 2012, she hiked the Appalachian Trail (2,200 miles), which I mentioned briefly in my roasted purple cauliflower post (please forgive the pictures, it was one of the first I ever posted here on the blog). 

And Lauryn didn't just plop down in the middle and head north through the easy parts. She's what the other hikers call a "thru hiker". This means you start at the beginning of the trail and do the whole thing.

Like a total badass.

The Necessity of Dehydrated Foods

For the duration of Lauryn's hike, my little sister will be one of her "bases" and send her packages to designated points with dehydrated food. These will be essential as she can only carry so much with her at any given point in her pack.

I remember on the last go around she got so tired of eating lentils, oatmeal, and ramen that she couldn't imagine ever noshing on them again. This time, she wants more diversity, along with nourishment.

So to help Lauryn and my sister come up with recipe ideas before and during the hike, I'm creating this round-up of dehydrated food recipes.

Benefits of a dehydrator:

  1. excellent for preserving foods at a low enough temperature that it doesn't kill off all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients
  2. lets you know exactly what's in your food (because you're making it yourself)
  3. great way to prevent produce waste, especially if you grow your own food or aren't eating what's in your fridge and pantry fast enough
  4. lets you take advantages of sales and in-season produce, where buying in bulk is ideal (like fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies)
  5. it's usually half the price (and much fresher) to dry foods yourself, especially in the case of herbs and spices, so you will save lots of money in the long run

Don't own a dehydrator? 

Oftentimes you can use your oven on it's lowest setting (mine only goes to 170 degrees), but if you want to preserve live enzymes, a dehydrator is a must. Even if it's a little, inexpensive one (like this).

So far I've used my oven to make homemade beef jerky (for holiday gifts), almond pulp and coconut flour, but I want a dehydrator so I can make soaked or sprouted granola bars.

Here are a few dehydrators on Amazon that have received positive ratings:

Snackmaster Express 4-Tray Food Dehydrator (500 watts)

Okay, now for the recipe round-up! 

Hopefully, these recipes will inspire you to preserve the spring and summer bounty of fruits and veggies this year so you can save lots of dough by purchasing everything in season.

40+ Dehydrator Recipes For Preserving Food, Saving Money & Eating Healthier | www.therisingspoon.com

40+ Dehydrator Recipes

Dehydrator Recipes: Herbs & Spices

Dried Onions by The Liberated Kitchen
Homemade Basil Salt by The Rising Spoon
Homemade Date Sugar by Butter Believer
Homemade Garlic Powder by Choosing Voluntary Simplicity 
Homemade Lemon Pepper Seasoning by The Rising Spoon
How to Dry Your Own Herbs by Our Heritage of Health

Dehydrator Recipes: Grains & Nuts

Homemade Sprouted Flour by The Prairie Homestead

Dehydrator Recipes: Veggies

Dehydrated Asparagus by Hickery Holler Farm
Dehydrated Radishes by It's a Love/Love Thing
Dehydrated Spicy Green Beans by Pickle Me Too 
Homemade Tomato Powder by It's a Love/Love Thing
Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes by It's Yummi
Pumpkin Leather by Common Sense Homesteading
Sweet Potato Bark by Backpacking Chef

Dehydrator Recipes: Fruits

Dehydrated Orange Slices by Just Making Noise
Dried Cranberries by Healthy Living How To
Dried Mangoes by Thank Your Body
Homemade Fruit Powder by It's a Love/Love Thing
How to Dehydrate Apples by Barefeet in the Kitchen

Dehydrator Recipes: Liquids

Tomato Sauce Leather by Backpacking Chef
Traveling Bone Broth (Homemade Bouillon Powder) by Homemade Mommy

Dehydrator Recipes: Meats, Beans & Other Protein Sources

Chicken Jerky by Yankee Ninja Kitchen
Dehydrated Eggs by Homesteading Hippy
Freakin' Amazing Beef Jerky by Weed 'Em and Reap
Ground Beef Jerky Recipe Using a Jerky Gun by Common Sense Homesteading
Organic Grass Fed Beef Jerky Recipe by Whole Lifestyle Nutrition
Salmon Jerky by The Nourishing Cook

Dehydrator Recipes: Snacks

Crunchy Raw Buckwheat Granola by Small Footprint Family
Dehydrated Candied Zucchini by Traditional Foods
DIY Fruit Roll-Ups by One Creative Mommy
Healthy Sweet Potato Chips by My Whole Food Life
Mini Raw Vegan Carrot Cake by Good Girl Gone Green
Peach and Ginger Fruit Leather by One Messy Baker
Rasbberry Yogurt Fruit Leather by Thank Your Body
Raw Butternut Squash Cookies by Small Footprint Family
Raw Coconut Wraps by The Coconut Mama
Vinegar Potato Chips by Veggie Converter

Meals Using Dehydrated Ingredients 

(These are especially useful for hikers)

Chili with Beef and Beans by Chef Perry via Trail Cooking 
Spicy Mussel Noodle Bowl by Chef Perry via Trail Cooking 
Thai Tomato Soup by Chef Perry via Trail Cooking 
Unstuffed Peppers by Backpacking Chef

I know I could have kept adding to the list til it became ginormous, but I think 40-ish is a good start, especially if you're new to dehydrating foods.

Also, as I mentioned above, if you don't own a dehydrator, you can still make many of these recipes using the lowest setting on your oven. 

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40+ Dehydrator Recipes For Preserving Food, Saving Money & Eating Healthier | www.therisingspoon.com

Thanks to One Creative Mommy, My Whole Food Life and The Messy Baker for letting me use their recipe images in this post. 

Standard FTC Disclosure

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