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35 Healthy Dip Recipes For Any Occasion

35 35 Healthy Dip Recipes For Any Occasion |

With the Superbowl less than a week away, lots of folks are gearing up for a day filled with snacking, noshing and scarfing galore. I have to confess, I'm not a big sports fan. At all. I could care less. 

If three-quarters of the country spent one day a year celebrating books, video games, movies or crafting, I'd be a thousand percent on board. Alas, that is not the case.

Superbowl = Food, Glorious Food

Despite my apathy for televised sports, I've always enjoyed the Superbowl for one reason: the food. Not only is it a great excuse to gather together with friends and family, but the Superbowl is the perfect time to splurge on delicious snacks, finger foods, and appetizers

I may not have stuck around to watch the game growing up, but I sure as heck meandered into the kitchen every few hours to imbibe and stuff my face with glorious food (usually chili, chips, dips, and snacks involving cheese).

Healthy, But Not Skinny

However, despite my use of the word healthy, you won't find any "skinny" recipes on this list. Why? I don't buy or eat low-fat foods anymore. Not after I found out that the majority of them are heavily processed with added sugars, GMO oils and additives to make up for the lackluster taste. Or, that healthy fats are necessary to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K.

However, all the recipes call for ingredients that are unprocessed. No whipped topping, processed nacho cheese or cake mix. The queso recipe uses actual cheese (yay!) and the dressings don't call for ready-made mixes or jars. 

Does this mean these recipes are harder to make? Nope. 

Will it take a little bit longer than opening the lid of store-bought dip? Yes. 

But it's totally worth it.

35 Healthy Dip Recipes For Any Occasion
Need a delicious dip recipe to serve at holiday gatherings or parties all year long? Check out this round-up of real food dip recipes that are perfect for the meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans in your life.

Dip Recipes For Meat Lovers

Dip Recipes For Vegetarians

Dip Recipes For Vegans

I'd like to hear from YOU!

What's your favorite dip to eat at holiday gatherings?
35 35 Healthy Dip Recipes For Any Occasion |

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