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How to Roast Chiles & Peppers in the Oven

 How to Roast Chiles & Peppers in the Oven | The Rising Spoon

It's Hatch chile season again. The time of year when roasted green chile fanatics in the Southwest region of the U.S. emerge with tantalizing recipes featuring a particular charred pepper that hails from Hatch, New Mexico. 

Never heard of this chile before? Check out my Pan-Fried Hatch Green Chile Burger post for a full run-down on this special pepper.

Since lots of folks have chiles on the brain right now, I figured it was an opportune moment to share an easy, year-round technique for roasting peppers.
I love the amplified flavor and aroma of roasted peppers so much that I typically do a quick roast (half the time of this recipe) before baking stuffed sweet bell pepper dishes. This produces mini charred spots that have the same characteristic flavor of a roasted pepper's blistered skin, but without the need to remove it. 

But for dishes where I'm mixing the roasted pepper into other ingredients, I char it under the broiler for the full time so I can remove the skin and dice it up for scrambled eggs, dips, salsas, tacos, pizzas, soups, pastas, etc. There are a myriad of creative methods for using roasted peppers. 

Although I've tried Hatch chiles in multiple recipes, my favorite way to eat them is in scrambled eggs. So friggin good. Scrambled eggs with roasted green chiles make excellent breakfast tacos, especially with homemade corn tortillas. Try it out soon and you can thank me later!

Roasted Hatch Chile Peppers |

How to Roast Chiles & Peppers Using the Broiler
Learn a quick and simple method for roasting fresh chiles and peppers in your oven. It will make your home smell fantastic and costs much less than jarred or canned roasted peppers. 

Chiles (like jalapeno, anaheim, poblano, hatch) and/or sweet bell peppers (red, green, yellow, orange)

Recommended Equipment
large baking sheet (these are the work horses in my kitchen)
disposable gloves (optional, but STRONGLY recommended for roasting chiles)
glass container with lid (a non-toxic container that won't leach chemicals)

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Turn your broiler on and switch it to the "low" setting. Let that heat up for 2-3 minutes. Lay the chiles and/or sweet bell peppers on a large baking sheet and place them in the middle rack of your oven. Cook on low for 10 minutes. Setting a timer helps here. You want the skins of the veggies to form plenty of charred, black spots. Flip them over and cook for another 8-10 minutes. Remove from the oven and immediately place in a sealed container. Let the peppers steam for 20-30 minutes. This helps loosen the skin so you can easily remove it. 

Once the peppers have steamed, it's time to don the disposable gloves I mentioned above. This will prevent any oils from the seeds getting on your hands and burning your skin. Wriggle the chile between your fingers slightly to further loosen the now charred skin from the pepper and peel it all away. Cut the tops off the peeled pepper, make a vertical slit down one side, then spread out the pepper on your cutting board. Scrape the seeds out with a spoon and discard. 

Repeat with all the chiles/peppers, then slice or dice the roasted pepper or leave them whole. Use within a few days or freeze for later.  

Notes & Tips
I highly recommend snagging hatch chiles while they're in season. You can usually get them for 50-99 cents a lb and then roast and freeze them to use all year. 

However, if you don't have fresh peppers available in your area, check in your local grocery store for canned fire-roasted green chiles. They are equally delicious, just not as aromatic as fresh roasted ones. 

You can also find jarred roasted red peppers in grocery stores, but if you can snag bell peppers when they're on sale, it's MUCH cheaper to make them yourself.

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How to Roast Chiles & Peppers in the Oven |

I'd like to hear from YOU!

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