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Saturday, May 16, 2015

DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

See the essential oil diffuser necklace on the left in the picture above? I'm wearing that one right now as I write this! I placed a drop of Grounding essential oil blend on the front of the diffuser necklace a bit ago so I could set aside distractions and work on editing these pictures. 

Within minutes of applying the oil, it soaked into the clay and as the pendant lay against my chest, my body heat gently warmed the essential oil, causing it to diffuse into the air right below my nose. Neat right? 

But maybe you're wondering why the heck essential oils are even necessary (aside from making your chest smell nice). 

making an essential oil diffuser necklace with terra cotta clayWell, aroma can have a powerful influence on our emotional state. One whiff of a comforting scent like banana bread straight out of the oven, freshly picked basil, or homemade vanilla extract can take you from ho-hum to warm and fuzzy.

When inhaled, odor molecules from essential oils immediately travel up your nose to the limbic lobe of the brain, which is known as the emotional control center. They can quickly improve your mood or even boost your alertness (peppermint is my favorite for this purpose). So...they are not just for the smell.

clay essential oil diffuser necklaces
In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to use essential oils. Aromatherapy and inhalation can take you out of a funk fast! Even quicker than a half pint of ice cream or a glass of wine. Seriously! I would know.

Wearing a diffuser necklace makes it easy to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils all day long, especially when you're away from home or on the go. And each person can pick and choose their favorite scents, which they can then change as soon as the oil dissipates. 

how to make a diffuser necklace for essential oils

Maybe you're a big fan of citrus scents because they're energizing and uplifting, so you place a drop of lemon or orange on your pendant. (Pssst...citrus essential oils are like sunshine in a bottle!)

Perhaps everyone around you is being a cranky pain-in-the-tush and you need to calm down, so you place a drop of frankincense or lavender on the pendant to mellow yourself out.

oil diffuser using a homemade clay necklace

Or maybe you have an exam or a big interview coming up and you need to focus hard, but another eight shots of espresso just won't do. A drop of rosemary or lemon to the rescue!

What about those moments when you're feeling uber frazzled and you want to scream "Calgon, take me away!!" before falling into a bubble bath with a whole bottle of wine? Except you're miles away from home with no tub in sight. Oh, the horror!

DIY clay diffuser necklaces

Well, you place a drop of Stress Away on your pendant so within minutes you're inhaling deep whiffs of Lime, Vanilla, Lavender, and Cedarwood. Sweet, sweet relief. 

So many essential oil options!

If you're clenching your mouse or cell phone right now, thinking "I need one of these necklaces eight years ago", Etsy has a bunch of lovely metal ones available for purchase. 

(Good luck with that...I have a horrible habit of getting sucked into Etsy for hours and purchasing way more than I need. Awesome, beautiful handmade things are my weakness.)

oil diffuser

However, if you have the patience to go the DIY route a homemade diffuser necklace made with clay is inexpensive, light, and easy to make for the hot summer months (well, all year long really). 

Since I don't have a kiln (umm...dream home!!), air dry was my only option. There were a few different colors available, but terra cotta clay seemed liked the best to me since I love earthy tones and materials. And since clay is so inexpensive versus metal pendants, I could afford to experiment with shapes and impressions without throwing away a bunch of cash. Bonus: it's also incredibly relaxing to work with your hands in this fashion! 

So once you have all the supplies (a quick trip to the craft store or ordering on Amazon ought to do it) throw open a window or door, crank up your favorite jams, and get crafty! A margarita or glass of sangria probably wouldn't hurt either. ;)

essential oil diffuser necklace

DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace
Learn how to make a simple and inexpensive essential oil diffuser necklace using air dry terra cotta clay and your favorite cord material. Decorate it with a rubber stamp and beads to make it look extra special while you enjoy wonderful aromatherapy benefits!
Inspired by these tutorials from Homegrown & Healthy and Mommypotamus


Depending on your craftiness level, you may have almost all of these items in your home already, which will greatly cut down on the cost. I had to order the clay and rubber stamps online but had everything else to make these pendants and necklaces. Feel free to improvise with whatever materials you have on hand or take a trip to your local craft store to get the job done!


  1. Set out a large sheet of wax or parchment paper on a flat, non-porous surface. (For easy cleanup.) 
  2. Grab about a pound of clay out of the container (my tub was 2.5 lbs, so a little less than half) and roll it out about a 1/4 inch thick on the non-stick paper.
  3. Press whatever object you're using to make the shape (I used a 1 oz glass jar) into the clay, making sure to go all the way through. Repeat until you've used up all the free space. (Note: I was able to get 18 pendants, but you could get more or less depending on the shapes sizes you're making.)
  4. Carefully pull away the excess clay in between the shapes, roll the extra clay pieces bits into a ball, and store back with the rest of the clay in its original container
  5. Use a toothpick or steak knife to cut away any excess clay that's stuck to the circles so they are even.
  6. Grab whatever stamps you are using and gently press them into the circles to leave an impression. You can also press small objects into the clay to form designs (beads work well for this). (Note: If you want to leave the front smooth and plain, make 1-2 small impressions in the back of the pendant so you can place essential oils on there after it has dried.)
  7. If the edges of the pendants are cracked or crumbly, you can smooth them now with your finger. If necessary, add a drop or two of water to make it easier. I didn't get a chance to do that this time around as I was busy taking pictures, which is why I think mine came out a bit cracked on the edges.
  8. Use the tip of a wine stopper or straw to cut a hole big enough for your cord to pass through once the pendant is dried. If necessary, use a toothpick to enlarge the hole and smooth it out.
  9. Let the pendants air dry according to the instructions on your clay's container. I let mine dry three or four days before working on it any further, but I think it was done after two. 
  10. If desired, use a sandpaper or other rough object to smooth the edges and surface of the pendants, then wipe clean with a paper towel or cloth.
  11. To turn the pendant into a necklace, cut a cord to your desired length (18-22 inches is pretty average) then loop it through the pendant. Measure to make sure the cord will easily slip over your head, then tie it in a knot. Alternately, you can tie a bead to it so you can make the necklace shorter and take it off whenever you like. 

How to Use a Diffuser Necklace with Essential Oils:

1. Lay the pendant flat or hold it up flat and add 1-2 drops of essential oils to the front of the pendant. 

2. Tip the pendant back and forth so the oil spreads evenly. If you use too much it could run off and get on your clothes. In that case, just use a napkin or cloth to wipe away any excess. 

3. Place the pendant back against your chest (with the oil side facing outward) and within a few minutes your body heat will gently disperse the oil.

4. The oil will evaporate over the course of 1-3 days. Once the scent fades, you can re-apply with whatever essential oil you like. I use and love these essential oils. Some of my favorites to diffuse are Lavender, Frankincense, Joy, Lemon, Thieves, Abundance, and Idaho Blue Spruce.

I'd like to hear from YOU!

Have you ever made your own necklace before? Do you have any tips or tricks for the best materials or decorative accents to use? 

DIY Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tutorial

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